Why choose coworking?

Coworking has been shown to have many benefits. Eveything from increased productivity to a better social life - below are some of our favorites.

Freelancer being productive at office.

More Productive

Get more done each day. 72% of coworking members said they they became more productive when they started working out of a coworking space.

Freelance designer being creative at the office space.

More Creative

Sometimes it's not just about getting tasks done, it's about coming up with a more interesting solution to a problem. 71% said they became more creative since they joined a coworking space.

Startup members being healthy at work

Feel healthier

Life is better when you feel better. Feel better physically and mentally: 70% of coworking members reported that they felt healthier than they did working out of a traditional office setting.

Entreprenuer focusing better at work

Improved Focus

Working from home can make it very hard to focus on work tasks. 68% said they could focus better at their cowork.

Office designer leading a meeting with confidence.

More Confidence

Perhaps the most wide-ranging benefit to your overall life, an impressive 90% of coworking members reported that they felt more confident once they began working at a coworking space.

Could your life be improved by these coworking benefits?

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